And You're A Winner Too

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here's the e-mail from Travis who'll be kicking down to Kollaboration 9 with some free tickets representing the Asian Pacific Coalition from UCLA:

As a Chinese American, it's so obvious to me the glass ceiling that is evident in the entertainment industry. To see such a huge cast of rising Asian American artists is proof that our society is moving in a direction that can precipitate great change. I am particularly excited to see the youtube singing duo, Kina Grannis and David Choi, who are likely going to be charming us with their acoustics and vocals for a long time to come. I'm impressed with their ability to gain such popularity through the internet medium, simply on talent and word-of-mouth alone! With my little dance experience, I'm also extremely excited to see Kaba Modern in person. Coming from Atlanta, it is so refreshing to see this strong API presence, and the energy is just amazing here. I would love to be able to go to this event! MY BIRTHDAY IS THE NEXT DAY 2/22!
Hope you have one hell of a time.

This concludes the Slanty giveaway for Kollaboration 9 tickets. Thanks to the good folks down at Kollaboration for setting aside some tix to give away - definitely cool.