Help The SAG Research On The APA Market

Thursday, February 05, 2009

So I got an e-mail sent my way from someone who is working for the SAG and definitely wanted to get this posted on out as it could have an impact on the status of the AAPI community in Hollywood:


My name is Darlene Rabena. I am currently an independent contractor for the Screen Actors Guild, America's labor union for film and television performers. I have been assigned to craft a report regarding the Asian-Pacific American market's ability to influence Hollywood's entertainment industry, and whether this market segment has the ability to impact the quantity and quality of Asian-Pacific American roles in film and television. This report will be published and distributed within the industry, among networks, studios and advertisers.

I came across your blog while researching the Asian-Pacific Market and was wondering if you would be interested in helping me distribute a survey that I have crafted to help define the Asian-Pacific American market's influence in Hollywood.

Here's the link: The Asian-Pacific American Market's Influence in Hollywood

Your participation strengthens the Asian-Pacific American voice in Hollywood. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Darlene Rabena
Independent Contractor
Affirmative Action & Diversity Department
Screen Actors Guild
I took the survey myself (and there're links to it from other places here and here) and it's pretty quick and easy, so I definitely recommend checking it out and making your voice heard - because we're getting asked what we think.

At the same time, while I know it's definitely important to get on out and ask Asian Americans what we think - in the end - it's also going to take others around us to help get not just the AAPI community reflected more in mainstream media - but all POC.

So even if you're not Asian American - I say get on up and fill out that MF too.