Stage: Connecting Trains

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not quite exactly sure what I think of this because I do have to ask the question of if this was the other way around what would I think - but for right now here's a snippet from Back Stage:

An audacious casting decision lies at the heart of the world premiere of Leah's Train, Karen Hartman's play about three generations of Russian-American Jewish women: The entire company is Asian-American.

Produced by the National Asian American Theatre Company, the play tells the story of Ruth, who skips her grandmother Leah's funeral and butts heads with her mother, Hannah. Along the way, she travels into the past via train, where she encounters her grandmother and uncle as children -- Russian youngsters fleeing the Holocaust. Leah's Train is the company's first world premiere of a non-Asian play, and it opens shortly after the inauguration of President Obama, an event that some commentators have suggested signals the beginning of a post-racial society. "Boundaries are disappearing," says Mia Katigbak, who plays Hannah and is NAATCO’s producing director. "So why don’t we do it in the theatre?
Read it in full here.