Favorite Reality TV Star Of 2008

Monday, February 09, 2009

Kristi Yamaguchi

Last year seemed to have even more Asian Americans in reality TV shows than in the past with SickStep, Angie Swindell, Esther Ku, Dale Talde, Ron and Christina, Ramiele Malubay, Brandi Milloy, Kaba Modern and JabbaWockeeZ, Jerry Tam, and Wisit (just to name a few) who graced the screen and showed us a reflection of ourselves (and also making me wonder if the world would end if there were two Asian American Top Chef winners in a row).

But out of all of them I couldn't help from following Kristi Yamaguchi and rooting for her more than anyone else even if in part because I wondered who was rooting against her, because even though her Asian face and moves dominated the board like no one before her on national TV, you still didn't know if she'd actually win.

Good for us she did.