Getting Your Asian Man On

Monday, February 09, 2009

Saw this down at the Average Bro and wanted to post some of it up here as well:

It was quite by accident that I fell in love with a Chinese-American man. For years, I'd said that I "...liked my men like my coffee -- black." My (mostly white) friends would roll their eyes, sigh, and admonish me that if I'd only be more open-minded, maybe I wouldn't be single [...]

So for the rest of college and the beginning of my twenties, I sang the single black woman blues. I was a voracious reader of all the details about black women being single forever. I occasionally dated (using the term very loosely) the worst guys and tolerated all kinds of nonsense because they were black. And because "the media" (both black and white) had told me that I couldn't possibly expect more in a relationship...

...and I want to interrupt this paragraph to say that this article is not going to be about me dating outside my race because there's something wrong with black men. KEEP READING... [...]

So how did I accidentally start dating a Chinese guy? Well, all I can say is that on that night in July when we met, I magically stopped thinking about the fact that he wasn't black, and was more concerned by how great he was.
Asian Men.

Not just for breakfast anymore.