Random Thoughts And Questions About Nothing

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feel free to skip over this post...but if you don't - it's not like I didn't warn you.

I wonder if Harry Potter would be just as popular if Harry was Asian?

Will the Lee Hyori Concert DVD be delayed again and do I really want to pay $45.00 + shipping and handling for it?

I really like my Netflix set top box.

I finally got someone to admit that Mac Books are simply too expensive and that you pay for the look and the label. Yes - I'm a PC - because I'd rather be the guy that builds a snowman really fast and then dumps it on the cute bunny (or that person who was behind me in line when I was returning a monitor and out of the blue said to me "You should have bought a Mac" - which makes absolutely no sense at all and while I didn't want to beat them down per se, I did want to bend down and untie their shoelaces because I just don't think they would have known what to do with that).

This makes me wonder what would happen to you if you were in a shopping mall and decided to go around and just untie people's shoelaces at random. I wonder if someone would try and have you arrested for assault.

Been listening to A Song For Ourselves Mixtape almost non-stop since I downloaded it (as an aside I wonder who would win in a claymation cage match between Frank Chin and Maxine Hong Kingston).

I was flipping through a Redbook a couple days ago - and I saw a little Asian kid in a Lunchables ad. I tried to find it online, but after a minute of searching I gave up -- because I'm lazy.

That's it.