Hmong Americans Want Obama's Aid

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caught this article as I was checking out some news in the Hmong community and wanted to post it on up:

As a presidential candidate, Obama sent a letter to the nation's Hmong community in September in which he wrote, "the U.S. must be clear in calling for all parties to respect international law and ensure that displaced Hmong are not placed in harm's way." Obama said as president he would restore America's commitment to human rights abroad.

The Thai government has denied the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees access to the Hmong camps to review the conditions under which they are held. Hmong supporters also accuse Thais of knowingly deporting refugees to Laos despite evidence of persecution. [...]

"The U.S. has a new president who promised that he would make human rights a priority. Let's hope this administration will do the right thing," said T. Kumar, Amnesty International's advocacy director for Asia and the Pacific.