Because Mom Says So: Being Monolingual

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Caught this article while I was checking out some headlines and thought it was an interesting take on the language debate and how we sometimes identify:

It's no use telling them that Hubby and I just prefer TJ learn English first, and allow him to learn some Chinese later when he's older. No matter that I'm American born Chinese and Chinese is not my preferred tongue. Even when I tell them that I want Hubby to be a part of all our conversations and that I don't want to be exclusively speaking to TJ in Chinese, it just doesn't register to them as an equally valid option. People will usually end with a plea for me to at least send him to a Chinese-immersion preschool, and warn me that the waiting list can take years, so go-do-it now!
Interesting set of comments too along with the article which you can read in full here.