Best New Asian/Asian American Blogs

Monday, February 09, 2009

I just couldn't decide on one Asian or Asian American blog this year that I liked above all others.

Chalk it up to my indecision or simply because there are just more and more great voices being put out there on all sides (and that's a great thing to see) - here they are in no special order.


Chock full of Asian faces and leaning towards blog posts of Asian Americans in the media, channelAPA continues to put out some great quality content since they arrived on the scene in April of '08.

The Minority Militant

Whatever you think about his blog posts - like 'em or hate 'em - you just have to respect someone who's willing to put it out there and tell it like they see it from their own perspective - and from my own POV - I can't help but not read TMM's posts if only because I know I'll be reading something new and interesting without any unnecessary additives.


Starting slow but picking up a lot of steam over the last few months I can always go to degenerasian to get a little bit of music, some pop, and even learn about some Hello Kitty Sexy Mineral Water (because if that alone doesn't enamor me to the site, I'm not sure what will).

The Antisocial Ladder

While not a plethora of posts - it's not always quantity that rules blogosphere - but when the posts do come - they always provide a different POV along with some great writing and insight - and even though one day the site may mock me (along with society, media, and you) - I'll still be reading it.

Asian Rap Worldwide

Representing for Asian faces in the rap world, if you haven't checked out Asian Rap Worldwide (which is gaining in momentum according to their stats) get on down and give them a read because I'm sure you'll find something you probably haven't heard before.