And Obama's Bringing Them All Out

Monday, March 02, 2009

As an addendum to my last post, here's too more quickies:

NAACP 'disgusted' by Staten Island politician's racist e-mail about Obama

A political appointee to the Staten Island Community Education Council forwarded a racist e-mail to dozens of people, angering officials with the local NAACP. Salvatore Ballarino admitted sending an e-mail featuring photos from the last presidential debate with voice balloons added to suggest a conversation laden with racist jokes.

"It was a political cartoon," Ballarino said. "It was a joke, and I treated it as such." In the e-mail, Sen. John McCain is shown telling then-candidate Barack Obama that he has black people in his family tree, adding, "If I recall, they're still hanging there."

In another exchange, McCain asks Obama the difference between a black man and a picnic table, before offering that "a picnic table can support a family." Tammy Greer-Brown, education chair for the Staten Island chapter of the NAACP, said she was "disgusted."

"There needs to be some severe action taken, not just an apology," Greer-Brown said.
Yeah - I'd say so too.

Barnes and Noble Displays Their Racism

A Barnes and Noble bookstore in Coral Gables, FL recently came under fire for a window display featuring various book titles with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michell Obama. Prominently featured in the center of the window display was a book on monkeys.

The implication is clear and clearly intentional.

After the ensuing outrage, Barnes and Noble issued a mea culpa claiming their hands were clean. They blamed a nameless, anonymous customer for adding the book on monkeys to the window display without their knowledge.
Who knew Barnes and Noble let customers help create their display windows?