Dean Grose: You Really Should Resign

Monday, March 02, 2009

Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose

Is it just me or are you sick of all the people too who keep on using the "I didn't know it was racist" defense these days? I mean are we supposed to really believe that mayor Dean Grose didn't know what he was doing when he sent out the picture of the White House littered with watermelons and a caption that said "No Easter egg hunt this year"?

Do people also believe I'm their fairy stripper godmother who's going to give them lap dances after I shower them with $100 bills and keys to a new Lexi?

Do I even need to say the word dumbass?

And yes, while he is going to be resigning as Mayor, apparently he'll still remain on the City Council for right now - but let's see how long that actually lasts.