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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

By way of TMM via the Asian American Movement Blog:

Have you ever secretly wanted to see your name in print?

Do you lie in bed late at night thinking to yourself, “My life is so interesting, the world must hear my story”!?

Do you harbor a burning desire to write the great Asian American novel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here is the perfect opportunity for you!

Submit your work to the Thymos Asian American Anthology!

Here is the anthology’s call for submissions:

What does it mean to be an Asian American in the twenty-first century?

From the mainstream perspective, tired stereotypes about Asian people as model minorities, asexual techno-geeks, hypersexual dragon ladies, or perpetual foreigners still persist–though often concealed behind politically correct slogans like colorblindness and diversity.

One racial obstacle that Asian Americans thus face is the inability to claim an identity and culture that are defined by the Asian American community itself, rather than how mainstream society defines us. Whether it’s dealing with popular stereotypes or the effects of racism, many such issues ultimately stem from a lack of power.

This includes the power to express our lives, histories, and beliefs in a manner that is true to our lived experiences. And in an era where the media has vast influence to shape the very nature of Asian America for both ourselves and others, this is more important than ever.

With this book project, we are taking responsibility for telling our own stories. The project is an anthology that will compile the experiences of Asian Americans. We want people to tell their stories in their own words; communicate perspectives that challenge or transcend mainstream stereotypes; or simply relate something uniquely personal as an Asian American.

These experiences may be profound. They may be prosaic. But they always remain true to their source and inspiration.

We invite you to submit your story for our book project. If your work is selected, we will publish it in our forthcoming anthology with Oregon Poet Laureate, Lawson Inada.

What: The Thymos organization of Portland, Oregon is seeking submissions for its anthology of work by Asian Americans.

When: The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2009.

How: Submissions can be sent either by e-mail or postal mail:


Postal mail:
P.O. Box 1912
Beaverton, OR 97075

Submission Guidelines:

1. Writer should identify as an Asian American, be affiliated with Oregon, and participate in activism, civic/volunteer work, or general membership in the Asian American community.

2. Submissions can involve written work of any type including personal essays, analytical articles, fiction, or poetry. Submissions can be also graphical in nature such as photographs, drawings, etc. All photos should be in black and white.

3. Written submissions should be no longer than 20 pages typed, 12-point font, and double spaced.

Questions:Contact Larry Yu or Valerie Katagiri at

Or check out our website at