Arizona - Get Your Mekong Plaza On

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I guess I should really say "Mesa - Get Your Mekong Plaza On" - but you get my point. If you're in the West Mesa AZ area and you need Asian - anything Asian - apparently the new 100,000 square-foot Asian themed mall called Mekong Plaza is the place for you:

The mall is anchored by the 38,000-square-foot Mekong Supermarket, which opens into the rest of the indoormall. Other Asian-owned businesses already open include a hair salon and a gift shop. The plaza proprietors are banking on the climate-controlled feature to draw more visitors in the summer heat.

Two Vietnamese restaurants in the center were packed at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. The next day, the afternoon lunch crowd spilled over outside into the corridor. Chan Tieu, owner of UnPHOgettable restaurant, moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona because he saw a good business opportunity, He's run out of the popular Pho noodle soup every day since Day One. "It's been a madhouse," said Tieu, who's looking for more help to cater to the patrons. Word of mouth, he believes, is drawing people in.
And yes - you can get a t-shirt that says UnPHOgettable.