Dirty Sexy Money, The WSJ, And Lucy Liu

Monday, October 13, 2008

So this is a little older news/interview (from the begining of October) but since I just happened to catch it, and Lucy Liu has some interesting things to say, still wanted to post up some of the interview that she had with the WSJ talking about her work and her new role on Dirty Sexy Money.

Here's a good quote from the full interview which can be read here:

I definitely think there's more opportunity in television to a certain degree. But I don't know that there's as much opportunity for a lot of people of color to spread their wings because sometimes it came be very limited. But there are so many filmmakers that are willing to take more risk, and do color-blind casting -- that's how a lot of things have come to pass for me. With "Lucky Number Sleven," or even "Three Needles," which is something I did in Chinese, it wasn't, 'Oh, let's look for only a Chinese person from China.' You can get shafted both ways -- you can be too American, or you can be too Chinese. It's a very difficult combination to be neither/nor, or either/or. It's nice to be able to embrace all cultures and to jump from one thing to another, which is kind of the whole reason for acting, to transform yourself, you know?
Yeah - I think we all know.