That's A Hate Crime: Insurance Fraud Targeted At Asian Americans In Flushing

Friday, October 31, 2008

Apparently people have been targeting out Asian Americans in Flushing, taking advantage of the no-fault insurance law which allows someone to receive up to $50,000 for medical expenses received from an accident, by staging crashes with Asian American drivers.

Any guesses why they went after Asian Americans?

Primarily for the reason that they thought police and insurers would blame the Asian Americans involved for the accidents making their scam easier to get away with (because you know - we all suck at driving therefore any accident we're in must be our fault).

Well, I guess this instance shows us that not everyone buys into the Asian Americans driving badly stereotype because someone at the insurance companies got the police involved where they setup surveillance for "Operation Direct Hit" and got all the information they needed to indict individuals in the fraud case.

But guess what's even better than that?

Because the scammers went after Asian Americans specifically - they're all facing the charge of assault as a hate crime.