NYT Op-Ed: Saigon Grill

Saturday, October 25, 2008

There's a good writeup in The New York Times today by Steven Shaw on Saigon Grill and $4.6 million in back pay and damages they have to pay out to 36 delivery workers because of violating labor laws:

And indeed, this week a federal judge ordered Saigon Grill to pay $4.6 million in back pay and damages to 36 delivery workers. The judge, writing that the owners "showed no regard whatsoever" for minimum wage and other labor laws, decided that some deliverymen had been so cheated that they were entitled to as much as $328,000 each.

Asian-restaurant deliverymen risk their lives every time they set out on their bicycles and travel miles to deliver orders. When they are robbed, a Saigon Grill worker reported, they have to compensate the restaurant for the lost money. When the weather is bad, the workload increases because more customers order in — and then complain if their food takes longer than usual to arrive.
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