Interview: Vanessa Hudgens

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If you're interested - and you're into Vanessa Hudgens and High School Musical 3: Senior Year - here's a snippet from an interview she did with Reuters:

The petite Filipina/Chinese/Spanish/Irish and American Indian actress with tumbling black hair talked to Reuters about the success of the three Disney films and how they gave her the high school experience that, as a home-schooled teenager, she never had for herself.

Q: Do you feel you missed out on the American high school life portrayed in "High School Musical."?

A: "This series was definitely my high school experience. It's been three years, almost four. I've made the most amazing friends through this project, people I know I will always be able to call. I have grown up with them."
Read it in full here - and yes - I feel dirty too.