BoA On The Charts

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just in case you were wondering how BoA's been doing since being released into the charts, here's a quick rundown (and I have to say that I like the fact that they seem to be bringing her in slowly).

So far I'd call it a success.

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In the Bestsellers category (which ranks all songs - and all lists are updated hourly) she's been rotating in and out of the top 100. When she debuted she made it as high as #21, and over the last few days I've seen her in and out of the top 100. As of this posting she's now listed at #165.

In the specific category of Dance & DJ (the designated genre of Eat You Up), I saw her in the top ten at #6 and currently she's at position #14.


While she hasn't broken into the iTunes general Top Songs list yet, BoA has, according to the above linked article, made it as high as the #3 position on the Top Songs in the Dance genre, and over the last couple of days as I've checked on in, she's stil maintained her top 10 position (I saw her at #6 previously and then just checked in to see her at the #10 slot).