Website: McCain Hates Gooks

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Got sent this to my inbox via one of the creators V. Nguyen and while you may have heard a little bit about it already - if you haven't - make sure to check it out.

Here's some of the info from the site's Mission:


It is commonly believed that gook was used in its first incarnation over a century ago as “gugu,” during the Philippine-American War. Gook was later used during the Korean War and, most famously, during the Vietnam War.

Gook is a racial slur that is used to denigrate and dehumanize Asians and Asian Americans. As a term that was used in war and that has seeped into the general American lexicon, it serves to justify violence and racism against Asians and Asian Americans. Gook lumps all Asian ethnicities together, thereby erasing the saliency of cultural, linguistic, and historical distinctions, enabling the blanketed oppression of all yellow peoples.
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