Eric Byler And Obama's Asian Cool

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Found this interesting post down at AsianWeek from Eric Byler about Obama, the election, mixed race, being Asian American, and what the McCain camp is doing to try and "sway" voters their way:

Asian Americans and mixed race Americans, I said, know how it feels to have our right to consider ourselves Americans questioned by others. “Where are you from? No, where are you really from? No before that where did you come from? You speak very good English.” This all-too-familiar and idiotic conversation is not unlike attacks that Barack Obama has endured in recent weeks from the McCain campaign and its surrogates. “He is not like us. He is an Arab. He is a Muslim. He pals around with terrorists. He is a community organizer. He does the terrorist fist bump with his wife. He won’t wear a flag pin. He was educated in a Muslim school. He won’t salute the flag.”
Good words from Byler. Read the full post.