Other Views: More On Stuff White People Like

Thursday, October 09, 2008

In a previous post I had mentioned what I didn't really like about the blog Stuff White People Like, and a few hours ago happend to stumble upon an article that takes a more in-depth look into the site and what it says about being white and being a person of color - and if you get a chance you really should check it out.

Here are a couple of highlights from the article (which is very balanced in the critique):

But if Stuff White People Like isn't mocking all white folks -- just those who are wealthy urbanites -- what about people of color who fit that profile? Many upper-class people of color can relate to the blog. We eat expensive sandwiches (No. 63) and listen to public radio (No. 44), too. But if you are a person of color who likes a lot of the same stuff white people like, does that make you white? A sell-out to your own culture? Are you not a "real" person of color? [...]

Some people will protest that Stuff White People Like is just a humor blog, and it need not be taken so seriously. But that's the point. When you're part of the dominant culture, you don't have to be self-aware about the assumptions in your own product. You don't have to examine how you overlap with, and set yourself apart from, other cultures.
Read the full article down at AlterNet.