Vote Chicago Vote...and P.S. To WBBM

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Glad to see the Asian American Institute in Chicago taking charge - and it's not like everyone else isn't doing the same thing (getting our asses out to register, checking out the issues, and trying to get us to vote - because technically it is your right not to vote):

Months after learning that less than two-thirds of qualified Asian-Americans in Illinois were registered to vote, officials say they're pleased with efforts to do so.

April Lewton of the Asian-American Institute of Chicago says there has been a concentrated effort in the Asian-American community to not only register qualified voters, but also to find out which issues matter most to them.

A platform has been compiled from the results. Lewton says information about the top 12 concerns are being distributed in the Asian-American community, and are being used as a voter guide, mostly in the local elections.

Among the issues are immigration reform, violence against women, racial profiling, hate crimes and the limited number of Asian-Americans in police uniforms.
Go to the Asian American Institute to learn more - and WBBM - because I know you're reading this - notice that the Asian American Institute doesn't actually spell its name with hyphens.

Just thought you might want this pointed out to you.