Quick House Cleaning Item

Monday, October 06, 2008

I was making a comment down at TMM and I thought I'd make a small post out of it because I'm not a brand, an organization, a corporate entity, or even for that matter, someone who occasionally doesn't have diarrhea of the keyboard - and I just felt like posting on it.

Some days I get cranky like an old man - I can't help it, it just happens, not a lot, but when it comes I figure why censor it, especially if there's a point to it (and if after some time I don't erase it, I figure it was meant to be there) - but thought I'd put this out there - if you're on my blog list, we e-mail, or you've purchased me a small island, it's all good.

If you're not, that either means it's not all good, I just don't know about you, I'm just waiting to check it out more, or I just don't agree with what you have to say on a whole - that's what a blog list is all about - linking up to places you dig.

That's it.

Just a small quick item which for the most part doesn't even matter because I think my parole officer is the only one who actually reads this anymore (the ankle bracelet is killing me btw) and it's not like I have any power or influence, unlike a certain Maverick from Alaska who apparently has the power to make people forget she knows almost nothing with a wink of her eye.