Just Remember That You Too Don't Have To Vote

Thursday, October 16, 2008

While on occasion I talk some politics, sometimes saying get out and vote, I just wanted to put out there that even though I think it's a good thing to vote, I can't blame anyone for not wanting to vote either if they don't feel they have any good choices. I figure that's your right as an American - you can be engaged by not engaging in a political process where in some ways you may not see a difference in the two candidates or you just may not think it matters at all because in the end you don't think a President really has any power.

Now I may disagree with you on that last one (actually both), but then again, depending upon the day, I might agree with you - just a little (depends how cynical I'm feeling).

I guess my simple point is this - don't let anyone tell you you're some dumbass just because you decided not to vote for your own reasons, or because maybe you just won't get the chance - I'd like to think everyone's job allows them to take time off to vote but the bottom line is they don't. We can say they should. We can say they can fight it - but you gotta be real too - you can't fight anything if you don't have a job you know?

I realize I'm kind all over the board on this post but I guess as much as I think there's a clear candidate to vote for, and that my vote makes a difference, and that I'll be coming out with an "I Voted" sticker - I can't really fault anyone for not voting if that's their conscious choice, or they just won't be able to make it.

Some of us are. Some of us aren't. Some of us just end up.

And if that doesn't make sense - that's just par for the post.