Las Plumas High School, Pickup Trucks, And Getting Out Of The Way

Saturday, October 04, 2008

If this story tells you anything (much like the previous post) it doesn't matter where you live, what generation you belong too, how many friends you surround yourself with, what communities you're affiliated with, or who you try and stay away from - racists come and find you:

Cassie Thomas, an African-American student at Oroville’s Las Plumas High School, said her sense of freedom has been stolen. The petite 15-year-old is proud of her ethnicity and her culture, but she is angry, too.

Thomas and her friends regularly walked five minutes back and forth from campus to Robertson’s Market for lunch. That all stopped this year when, the teens allege, they were confronted by another group of students driving pickup trucks and shouting racial insults like “Get out of the way, you n***er,” all while honking their horn and nearly running them off the road.

“They drive big, red trucks … with Confederate flags,” said Leighton Jenkins, a 15-year-old student at Las Plumas. “They have music that talks about killing ‘n***ers.’ I’ve been called the ‘N’ word countless times.

“It makes me feel so angry,” he continued. “It makes me want to jump over the desk and beat them. … But I’m not like that.”

Since the incident was reported to school officials in September, the truck harassment has not been repeated. Parents say those students no longer park in front of the school, waiting for their kids.

However, the African American students stopped walking to the market at lunchtime, and go only when they can find a ride. Or they choose a different direction to walk.

The teens and a group of parents met with the anti-racism group Butte Community Coalition on Saturday (Sept. 27) at Oro-Vista Baptist Church to discuss the prejudice they say they are experiencing in the schools, and how to come together to stop discrimination.
If anything comes out of this it's at least another example of knowing that for every generation which sprouts up a racist individual, there will be a community that tries to drive them out.

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