AsianWeek: Hoping For The Best

Sunday, January 04, 2009

If you haven't heard by now - AsianWeek is ceasing it's regular print publication but still remaining a voice online as well as with special editions and doing outreach in the community, and for me at least, I'm glad to see that they'll be continuing on in some form, because regardless of hiccups here and there - you can't really judge one publication or media outlet by one person or one story or even a few of them. If you've ever worked at a newspaper, magazine - any media outlet which has more than two people you know that not everything goes as planned and that sometimes, things slip through the cracks.

The bottom line though is that they've had a lot of great Asian American voices who are out there trying to help ensure that as a community - as Asian Americans - we're not just at the mercy of large print and media outlets who more often than not don't care to cover us - and like I said - at least for me - I'm glad they've been out there trying to give a face to Asian Americans - even if everything didn't always go as planned.

So AsianWeek, hopefully 2009 treats you a little better and good luck to everyone who's continuing on in some form or another and to those that have given their time and effort to a worthwhile endeavor.