Superbowl Ad With An Asian Face That I Liked The Most

Monday, February 02, 2009

This year - no real surprise - Asian faces in Superbowl ads were few and far between. Out of about 52 ads there were around seven which had Asian faces in them (and most of course were in the background).

One though that made me laugh where an Asian face actually spoke and provided some comic relief was in NBC's "LMAO Syndrome" commercial (and yes, I realize what you're going to say - that it's pretty sad this is my definition of a commercial "winner").

Btw - if you're curious you can see all the commercials at the following links: NBC Hulu Spike Superbowl-Ads Spotbowl NFL Fanhouse MySpace Youtube.

And yes - I'm going to Denny's to get a free Grand Slam breakfast on Tuesday.