Amy Anderson, Learning Standup, And Who Knew It Was Called Racist Airlines?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I got sent this link in my way about comedian Amy Anderson who was recently in that Southwest commercial and thought I would pass it on:

Stand Up Comedy Workshop:

Are you funny? Have your friends and family always told you that you should be a comedian? Are you interested in trying stand up, but just aren’t sure how to start? Or maybe you’re just looking for a creative outlet in your life.

Whether you are a comedy virgin or an experienced speaker, this Six Week Stand-Up Class will show you how to take the stage with confidence and make people laugh. You will develop your unique performer’s voice and gain practical, first-hand knowledge from a working professional with teaching skills, not just someone whose career is teaching.

Amy takes a “workshop” style approach to her classes where each student will rehearse, participate, receive individual attention and learn from each other. It is a supportive and fun environment and each six week session ends with a showcase at a comedy club. Classes are also ongoing, so after your initial six weeks, you can continue on to the next session, further developing your act and performing in future showcases.

Whether you’re a comedian, actor, writer, host, public speaker or just want to try something new, this class has something for you!

During the class you will learn how to:

* Choose premises that showcase your unique personality
* Construct and develop a joke
* Avoid common mistakes made by most newcomers
* Build a starter set that will serve as the foundation for more material or add to and enhance existing material


Beginning Wednesday, July 1, 2008 - $295, 7:00pm (Every Wed, July 1 – August 5) or
Beginning Saturday, July 11, 2008 - $295, 10:00am (Every Sat, July 11 – August 15)

INFO: (310) 927-2309 or to reserve your spot in class! Class sizes are limited to ensure each student receives ample individual attention.
And By The Bye

To be honest I never actually read some of the comments underneath the video, but I happened to catch this comment from the YouTube link above and it just made me laugh out loud at how incensed this guy was from watching an Asian woman block a white guy in an elevator:

She would need an ambulance, not an elevator. I think this is one of the most racist advertisements I have seen on TV recently. It certainly doesn't make me want to fly "Racist Airlines"! I'm a WHITE, American and I am offended that SWA would air such crap.
Someone has issues.