Support Dan Choi And Write A Letter

Monday, June 29, 2009

From the Dan Choi site:

TUESDAY June 30, Dan's Trial (Discharge Board)


As many of you know, on Tuesday June 30th the Army National Guard will decide to fire (discharge) me based solely on my honest statement (“I am gay”) and I chose to stand trial so I could fight to stay in the service. (Location: Thompson Rd. Armory, Syracuse NY… 8am).

The army appointed me an attorney and he is awesome. He says we can win. Our case (and future appeals if I do get fired) requires testimony from people who can attest to my character/abilities. ANYONE who believes I should be retained (for whatever reason) or feels the army is better off keeping me can write a statement.

Will you please consider writing, signing and scanning a letter? (example below, it can be any length)

It will be included in the official archive for my future cases as well. Can you ask all your friends to do the same? They can send to – please send it by the 29th.


June ___, 2009

To Members of the Board:

My name is ______ and I urge you not to discharge 1LT Daniel Choi from the Army National Guard because he is a capable soldier and leader who can continue to play a vital role in a time of war. His dedication to West Point and Army Values brings credit to the military. His fighting spirit is inspiring.

[add your observations about me here: “He is a West Point Graduate who speaks Arabic, Korean, and has studied Farsi: skills the military needs” “I have seen him on TV and he is well spoken” “He lives up to the army values and represents these values as he refuses to lie about his identity” “He continues to live by West Point’s honor code” “He can be a bridge to the Middle East” etc.]

[If you worked with me before, please comment.]

[If you want to share your personal credentials please do! “I served in the navy” “I am a CEO” “I am a city council member” “I am a mother of three” “I teach an ethics class” “I am a pastor” “I am his cousin” “I am gay and KnightsOut gives us hope” “I am straight and I support honesty” etc.]

I am available for further comment if necessary, my email is _______.


Ms. Jane Doe
And you're waiting for?