Anthology Archives, CinemaAsia, And Roses Have Thorns

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wanted to make sure and post up that CinemaAsia's first feature length film Roses Have Thorns will be showing down at the NY Anthology Archives this Wednesday June 17th at 8:45 PM:

Roses Have Thorns is not just a story being forced on to its viewers, but four different scenarios leaving the viewer to depict what story is apparent to them. ( as we all have different views and “paradigms” ) We attempted to shift the thought that motion pictures are “stories told to the audience” to “This is my belief of what is going on”. ( In this case told in the form of a motion picture ) The film is based off a crossed cultured relationship and the collision of everyone involved. For more information and to view the trailer for Roses Have Thorns please visit our website