If You're Going To Get A Hot Dog Have It With Kimchi And Bulgogi

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

With close to 200 branches and a new one about to open in L.A. next month (along with negotiations for shops at Universal Studios and Disneyland) I think I need to get in on the New York Hot Dog & Coffee franchise action:

Choi, a Korean-American who went to live overseas in 1982, has been in the hot dog business since 2001. She opened her first hot dog shop within an Italian restaurant in New York, selling hot dogs and sausages seasoned with red pepper powder. The following year, she expanded the business by opening franchises in Korea. The eatery has since received glowing reviews on Yelp.com’s restaurant review section.

She now has a total of 189 branches, including the SoHo branch, which opened just last year, and other branches at Columbia University, in New Jersey and in Virginia.
Who's hungry?