A Quick Note To Drivers With Obama Stickers

Friday, June 26, 2009

You know I love you all, and maybe we're all still giddy over the fact that he won and that he seems to be granting more interviews then J & K where it seems like we're getting unprecedented access, but seriously - can you all learn to fucking drive a little better these days because the majority of people I'm throwing the finger at lately have an Obama sticker. And sure, it's still the people rocking the GOP that I actually have to get out of my car for to chastise, but some of you - you're making us all look bad.

Use a blinker. Get over to the left lane if you think the right lane is for people that drive 10 miles over the speed limit. Look behind you when you back up in a parking lot, don't just gun that MF and hope you won't hit anyone. And please people - if you're ugly - don't masturbate when we're all stuck in gridlock if you don't have tinted windows because nobody wants an eyeful of that and it just begs the question of how you were brought up because most people who can't wait until they get home to masturbate at least have the decency to pull on over and use a restroom at a McDonalds.

It's called public transportation and some of you - you should really think about using it.