Some Of The Random Things Sucking Up My Time For No Good Reason

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hotel Babylon

I've been completely sucked into this BBC show about a five star hotel and the people that work in it because it really does have everything. It mixes different cultures, has that narrative intro to each episode I like, a great cast of characters, interesting storylines, and there's even Asian representation in it with Natalie Jackson Mendoza (who was also in the kick ass flick The Descent).

Season 3 can't get to my mailbox soon enough.

Kanto Wanderer

After stopping two movies that I couldn't get past the first 10 minutes of, this Seijun Suzuki film got my attention right away because it was just that damn cool. Slick visuals, great story, it was old school meets people-just-don't-make-movies like-this-anymore.

The Great Happiness Space

While it did take me two sits to get through this I just had to finish it up because how can you not want to watch about "the secret life of Japanese host boys"? And yes, I did have to wonder how much was for the camera and how much was real, but even if it was 50/50 - it was still interesting.

Densha Otoko (Train Man)

I really had high hopes for this '05 flick and maybe if the ending (spoiler) didn't have him crying all the way through it I might have actually liked it, but c'mon - there's only so much blubbering I can take - couldn't they have had him man up just a little more? Some geeky crying is okay, but full blown out blubbering to the point where you're saying to yourself "No way she still falls for him" is where I draw the line.

Maybe I'll check out the tv drama to see if that's any better.