Patty Chang's "The Product Love"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've never seen her previous work, but this sounds interesting:

In a 2000 video, “Death of the Game,” she recreated a fight scene from a 1970s martial arts movie and gave herself the macho Bruce Lee role. In “Contortion,” made the same year, she played a Chinese acrobat twisted into a physically impossible pose. Her ambitious 2005 video “Shangri-La” was set in a Chinese tourist town that advertises itself as the original model for the Asian never-never land cooked up by the English writer James Hilton in his 1933 novel, “Lost Horizon.”

Her new video works at Mary Boone draw on two particularly productive sources of cultural fiction, Hollywood and academia. The larger piece, “The Product Love,” is a 42-minute, two-part installation based on a real event: the meeting of the Chinese-American film actress Anna May Wong and the German critic and theoretician Walter Benjamin in Berlin in 1928.
Playing through June 7th at the Mary Boone Gallery.