LAist Interview With Dim Sum Funeral Director Anna Chi

Monday, June 08, 2009

Here's a quick snippet from a LAist interview with director of Dim Sum Funeral Anna Chi:

LAist: Your cast includes some really well known talent (Bai Ling, Kelly Hu, Talia Shire, etc.). For an independent film that’s a big plus. How did you do it? Bai Ling jokes that you tempted her with some delicious authentic Chinese deserts.

Chi: I do have some personal relationship with most of the cast, like Bai Ling, Lisa, Russell and Steph Song. But the real key here to attract the kind of cast that you want, you need to have a very good script to begin with. Actors are willing to do just about anything if they feel the character that you are offering speaks to them. I think people don't give enough credit to the actors, thinking they won't do anything that's indie and have very little money. My personal experiences tell me as long as I have some thing new and unique to offer, I usually can get what I want. Of course tempting with Chinese sweets is a plus always, especially with Bai Ling.

LAist: Some folks are calling your film an Asian American chick flick. What are your thoughts?

Chi: This is first time I heard that term being used to describe my movie. I like it. Why not? We need more movies that would cater to younger female audiences, especially Asian American younger females. Can you name any movie which has that demographic in the center? I can't. So I like it being called Asian American chick flick. Actually it can be a really fun date movie for all the chicks.