Hay Qua Mini Fest+Kollaboration NY: Ticket Prices Go Up Tomorrow So Get Yours Today

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just wanted to post up some quick info that the ticket prices go up for the combo pack of the Hay Qua Mini Fest and Kollaboration NY by $10 tomorrow, so if you're looking to save $10 you better register now:

Get the combo deal (HAY QUA MINI FEST + KOLLAB NY) now for just $50!
Goes up to $60 tomorrow!

That's $25 to listen to over 20+ inspiring AA speakers in the daytime! then for another $25, a chance to listen and watch talented AA singers/songwriters/comedians/hip hop groups/dancers at night!

AND we are having a Hay Qua banh mi tasting @ lunch!
and KollabNY is having a Pinkberry reception at 6:30!!
On the tasting

The elusive best Vietnamese sandwich, or bánh mì for fanatics, of New York will be within reach on Saturday, June 27th at the Bitter End (Greenwich Village). Some of New York’s top bánh mì creators are entering their wildly-popular masterpieces in the Tasting portion of “Hay Qua!” Mini-fest. The tasting will precede the decadent food-themed panel moderated by Serious Eats' Tam Ngo, speaking to the likes of Food Party's Thu Tran, Food Blogger Mindy Vloff, BEP's An Nguyen Xuan, LUNCH blogger Yen Ha and An Choi's Tuan Bui. Audience members will have the chance to savor the passion that goes into each layer, slice, and spread of this new foodie favorite.

Hungry fans can register to taste and judge the bánh mì, amidst the exhilarating line-up of creative Vietnamese American thinkers, dreamers, and champions on The Bitter End stage. Join the room full of bloggers, designers, architects, writers, chefs -- wide eyes, smiles, laughter, and that renewed sense of possibility and dreams. It's going to be a good Saturday.
Register at http://thatsneaat.eventbrite.com/.