Zoe Yang, Strictly Platonic, And Being A Bunnette

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sure, it might seem pointless to you, but one person's pointless is another person's passion and who are we to say that in the world of competitive eating this isn't a dream worth doing.

From The Feedbag:

Images and letters from potential Bunnettes have been pouring in to Feedbag headquarters (one reason I had to shut down the blog yesterday). But our blue-ribbon panel has narrowed down the candidates to three gorgeous finalists: a blond ex-cheerleader, an Asian-American blogger, and a smart girl with a wild side!

Courtney Rosenquist, Zoe Yang, and our own Emily Morris, ladies and gentlemen!

And here’s what they have to say for themselves…
This is what blogger Zoe Yang sent in (from her Strictly Platonic blog):


If it's not too late, I'd like to be considered to be a Bunnette!

My name is Zoe, I'm 22, and I am completely obsessed with food. I write the food blog Strictly Platonic (http://zoehasappetite.blogspot.com), in which I frequent NYC's restaurants with strangers I find on Craigslist and then write up the food and the conversation. Previously, I was a fairly well known sex blogger before I took up a corporate job and had to go undercover (foresight FAIL). Other stunts in my life have included gogo dancing and appearing on a lesbian episode of MTV's Next (note: I am not a lesbian). Looking back, I guess at some point my youthful boredom just turned into flat-out attention-whoring.

I love Major League Eating and Juliet Lee is my hero! It was a proud moment for small, food-loving, Asian women everywhere when she blew away the competition at the Spike TV Thanksgiving 2007 cranberry sauce challenge. I will personally eat anything and do not get grossed out by food in gross quantities. I'll wipe spit and clean up reversals of fortune if I have to. Maybe.

Please consider me!


If you're not sure what a Bunnette is, here it is:

Bunnette (bunet) n.

1. (Trad.) A person, usu. female, who counts the amount of food eaten by competitors in Major League Eating events.

2. A woman, usu. seductive by disposition, who is passionate about the sport of competitive eating and its practitioners.

When little girls dream, they dream of one day becoming a BunnetteTM. A Bunnette is more beautiful than Miss America, hotter than a Cowboys Cheerleader and more talented than Vanna White.
And here's what they look like:

So as you can see, depending upon where you sit, it's kind of conundrum - because when all is said done - shouldn't we still be represented in cheerleading groups for Major League Eating Contests at Coney Island?

Yes. Yes indeed.

And that answer by the way is to both questions - the one I just asked, and the one you so kindly have decided to keep to yourself.

If you want to vote for the Yang hit up editor [at] the-feedbag.com.