Hillary Twittered The Obama's Fly-Swatting PETA? In Iran? With Senator Ensign?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I guess I just never thought I'd be reading an article with the headline "Hillary Clinton defends Twitter efforts for Iran" where it actually talks about the U.S. State Department urging the social networking service to keep itself up, and Clinton, even though she doesn't know a "Twitter from a tweeter", defending the action where Twitter itself could be at the center of an international firestorm.

But then again I also didn't think I'd read an article where PETA chastised Obama for swatting a fly and now wants to send him something called a "Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher" which in essence traps a fly and then releases it back into the same airspace where it was bothering you in the first place essentially doing nothing. I mean I know PETA's kinda messed up, but this - this is kind of on the fringe even for them...

Something though I'm not really surprised to read about is that Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada (the No. 4 Senate Republican) resigned from his leadership post on the Republican Policy Committee due to having an affair with a former staff member and "violating the vows" of his marriage which is just a little funny seeing as how he's also a member of the men's Christian ministry group the Promise Keepers who're committed to building strong marriages.


That one really doesn't surprise me.