Barbara Walters: No Asian Fascination?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Dear Barbara,

While you've broken the barrier for women in the media on so many levels (and kudos to you for doing so and still staying strong and relevant and being a great role model on that level) - your latest 2007 Most Fascinating People show begs the question of if you have something against Asian people.


You decided to pick Don Imus, (and you know how I feel about Imus), counted the Beckhams as two people on that list, brought SexyBack - but yet you failed to be able to get one fascinating Asian person.

You couldn't think of even one for your list?

Do you need some help? Have you read this blog? Can you still read Barbara?

Here's to hoping that next year you come to your senses and find at least one fascinating Asian person for your list - because we are out here.

Best Holiday Wishes To You And The Family You Old BattleAxe,
Slant Eye