Worst Asian Guy In A Yellow Suit On The Political Scene

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Norman Hsu

With words and phrases like fugitive, conman, pyramid scheme, federal charges, and 20 million dollars in fraud attached to his name, even if Hsu did in fact do some good with the money he swindled from investors by giving some of it to worthy causes like scholarships and political campaigns - in the end it was tainted - it was for nothing.

While he was once known as a high-profile-behind-the-scenes political supporter with ties to people like former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, and the most famous being Hillary Clinton, who even called him "our friend Norman" - since it was made known that he was indeed a fugitive on the run for 15 years conning good people out of their life savings - not only have all ties been severed with Hsu - but his legacy could have a lasting effect on how major Asian American donors and supporters could be scrutinized in the future (no matter how unjust it may be).