Best Asian American Mainstream Movie With Adult Film Stars

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Justin Lin's Finishing The Game

There really isn't any other movie that could fit into this category, but if you're going to do a pseudo-retrospective on Asians and the 70's and the film biz, that means you gotta represent the skin - and while sticklers for detail will note that Nautica Thorn wasn't even born in the 70's (damn IMDB bookworms don't get that she was "in character" as Trombone Girl) - the Hedgehog Ron Jeremy was in fact kicking it up in his first film Coed Teasers - and interestingly enough (for all you film buffs), while Dustin Nguyen starred in 21 Jump Street, Big Ron starred in the film homage 21 Hump Street.