Maggie Q, Silver Fox, and animal rights

Saturday, December 08, 2007

News out on the wire a little bit ago - is that in the X-Men prequel Wolverine movie, starring alongside Hugh Jackman as Silver Fox (at least the front runner right now) will be Maggie Q - who has been getting a lot of press lately as one of the new up-and-comers in Hollywood, but also had this to say on being a HAPA actress:

I feel like because the balance is such in life, I think everything about us is a plus and minus. And I go into Asia and I'm the Western Asian girl. And I go into Hollywood and I'm the Asian girl who's not Western enough.

So there's definitely a fine line to be walked, but, to be honest, if I walk into an audition and people are worried about what ethnicity I am, I'm not doing my job. I need to come in and be Maggie, and they need to fall in love with that person or what I'm bringing to the table instead of focusing on those issues. And they do, and it's really hard to be a woman walking into a room and be ethnic and have them not care.

Check out more from her interview down at CNN on her latest movies, her seven dogs, and what she's doing for animal rights.