FunAsia and the Hamid brothers

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Image: Dallas News

So what do you do when you want a little taste of home in your entertainment but there's nothing like it out there? Easy. Keep calling the owner of a closed theater building for 3 months, wait for them to call you back, and then start your own Bollywood themed theater - complete with DJ, banquet rooms, and pani puri - and then get bought out by a company that's going to take your idea global.

O.K. - maybe it's not that easy but that's pretty much how three brothers - Farrukh, John, and Shariq Hamid did it from inside their living rooms. Six years ago the brothers started the FunAsia theater (which now brings in a cool two million a year) with Hindi beats and touches from home and got the interest of the India based company Pyramid Samaira which subsequently bought them out and now FunAsia has theaters in Texas, Chicago, and Maryland with more plans to expand.

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