The Most Racist Company Of 2007 And Their Close Competitors

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nike Inc.

This category was a tough one because of all the insane racist competition from companies that thought they could get away with discriminatory practices who finally got the smackdown this year.

But because of how well known the company is all over the world, the size of the settlement, and the total number of employees involved - the winner goes to NIKE Inc. - who still got off way to damn easy.

And as much of a slavemaster as NIKE Inc. is - and they are the biggest this year - let's not forget some of their brethren who also tainted the corporate landscape, and are worthy racist competitors coming in a close second place:

B & H Foto and Electronics Corp for having to pay out $4.3 million to its Hispanic and Latino employees who were paid less, never promoted, and denied health benefits because of their national origin.

Quietflex Manufacturing Company, L.P. for having to pay out $2.8 million to 78 current and former Latino workers for employee discrimination.

Target Corporation for having to pay out a total of not just one, but two times this year for race discrimination. In their first settlement which came early this year they paid out $775,000 to 13 black employees in Pennsylvania for racial harassment, and this December they just paid out another $550,000 for not hiring black applicants because of their race. Still yet, they have more litigation coming down the pipes.

And if there was a bronze...

Benenson Rehabilitation Pavilion for the racial harassment of 29 black and Caribbean employees, with a settlement of $900,000.

Local 580, Ornamental Iron Workers for getting smacked for $800,000 for not directing non-whites to the same jobs as their white counterparts resulting in a disparity of work and pay.