Best Trash Talking Asian American Reality TV Show Winner

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hung Huynh

Looking at some of the past winners of Reality TV shows this year, while Apolo Anton Ohno got some MILFs out of their seat to watch Dancing With The Stars, he wasn't a trash talker - not by a long shot - in fact he was anything but a trash talker. And while Victor Lee and his team demolished every team around them in the World Series Of Pop, talking a big game even predicting his team's win (which took a huge set of balls) - it was really more confidence than anything else - he just knew they were better.

But if there was one winner who had it all, and not only blew through the competition but also talked a grand game of smack throughout the process - showing no mercy even to the judges that would in fact decide his fate (and you know Tom Colicchio whispered something Godfather into his ear the night of his win) - it has to be - hands down, no questions asked - Hung Huynh from this season of Top Chef, who was the baddest mofo to step into the kitchen in quite some time.