Glad you're not Asian: President Bush

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So Iran's a threat because of their nuclear weapons program. They're going to start WW III. More sanctions, not negotiations - and a heavy hand - guided by the U.S. is needed.

But reports are now in from the National Intelligence Estimate, a consensus view of 16 American agencies - that they've stopped their nuclear program in 2003 with no signs of resuming it.

What now? A change in policy?

Does Bush look to roads that are paved more with negotiation rather than sanctions in the wake of what some are seeing as an American intelligence mistake (doesn't this sound familiar basing policy - and war - on bad intelligence data)?

Nope. It's business as usual. It's prying his hands into the Middle East in a way that he's not - and we as a country - aren't prepeared for anytime soon.

Instead of looking to soften the stance, he's staying true to his good 'ol boy ways - never wavering, never compromising, not willing to give an inch - even with other countries on the U.N. Security Council like Russia and China who insist Iran has to be transparent, but who say negotiations are a better course of action verus sanctions.

It's called diplomacy.

But even in light of the new report, Bush says that a military attack is still on the table.

Military action is still on the table?

Same old Bush, same old policies - just a different country.