Racist Graffiti For The Holidays

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When you think about the holidays, you're thinking about good food, presents, spending some time with loved ones - but what you're not thinking about is your house getting spray painted with racial epitaphs right before family and friends are set to come over and celebrate - which unfortunately just happened to a Michigan couple:

Racism wasn't a part of Tim Ross' life in Cedar Rapids. Until Sunday. That day, his neighbors came over to tell him and his wife, Robyn, that they saw racist graffiti written in white spray-paint on the side of their brick house on Mallory Street SW.

They went outside to see that, sometime Saturday night, a vandal or vandals had painted "White power" there, and a picture of a hangman's platform with a stick figure hanging from it, using the "n" word below it. "LEAVE NOW" was scrawled in large letters on the back of the house."They painted a swastika on my bedroom window, right by my head where I was sleeping," he said.

Tim is black. Robyn is white. And Tim is one of the few minorities who live in the predominantly white southwest neighborhood, the Rosses said. Ross, who filed a police report, said it had to have been a personal attack.

If you live in the area and know anything that can help find these racist perps call the Michigan hotline at 1-800-272-7463.