Race Roundup

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

On college campuses, students continue to struggle with ethnic tensions and racist attitudes

At a recent meeting of the Boston University student organization Latinos Unidos, club president Stephanie Abregu wanted to tackle the issue of racism. She and the group's other officers kicked off the event by asking the two dozen guests - predominantly Latinos with a few blacks, whites, and Asians - a series of questions: Have you heard someone use a stereotype? Did you confront them about it? Did you respond with words or with violence?
Community Rallies Against Racist Graffiti

A Delaware County community rallied behind two business owners who found racist graffiti in front of their store. A prayer vigil was under way and the storeowners were hoping a few dozen people would attend. They said the vigil was about reclaiming the land that was, in their words, desecrated, and about letting the community know they won't tolerate racism.
Morrissey Says He's Not a Racist

Morrissey has insisted he is not racist after he was accused of using "naive and inflammatory" language on the topic of immigration in Britain in a U.K. music magazine. The former Smiths frontman is alleged to have made the controversial remarks in a recent interview with NME, in which he decries the number of foreigners in his native country. He is reported to have said: "Other countries have held on to their basic identity, yet it seems to me that England has thrown it away."
Hillary county chair responsible for new racist Obama hit piece

Now we know the identity of the individual that forwarded the Obama Madrasa email a few days ago, which had been forwarded all over Iowa. It was a Hillary Clinton Iowa county chair that circulated the email, as uncovered by a diarist at Daily KOS.