The return of Don Imus

Monday, December 03, 2007

It has to make you wonder - really - if Dog The Bounty Hunter is going to get a new show come a year from now as Don Imus gets set to go back on the radio and cable TV today.

Why not just go off to the broadcasting graveyard - shamed and shunned - where he belongs?

Oh yeah. Money.

Here's Phil Boyce, WABC-AM program director on why they orchestrated the Imus comeback:

Obviously we are doing this because we think we can make more money. There's an opportunity to charge more for our advertising rates. I am not ashamed of saying it is about the money.

He should be.

Rural Media Group Inc. which will be simulcasting the show on its cable network hopes to gain an extra 20 million viewers over the next two years because of Imus, and hopes it can "crack the urban market" with his mass appeal.

Mass appeal? 20 million more viewers because of Imus?

Are they smoking fertilizer?

Let's just hope the show falls flat sooner rather than later, and that the companies that are banking on the Imus "comeback" get what they deserve - no profits, and lots of loss.