Bravo: Don't make me an Asian supermodel

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why doesn't Bravo just call their new show "Make Me A Supermodel" what it really is: The pageant for White people with some token color thrown in.

Out of 24 people in the contest, 3 look to be people of color (two male black models and one model that looks like she could be multiracial).

That's it.

Other than that, we get the same old white people dancing and prancing and pouting to the camera because as we all know - as the people have tried to tell us - white is beautiful and the rest of us just aren't quite up to snuff.

And white people - if you think I'm totally out to get you - I'm not. You're beautiful - some of you are drop dead gorgeous handsome incredible mofos.

But so are we - so is everyone else.

White Only (ring a bell) - shouldn't be the only standard of beauty - and as far as we've come (or at least like to think so) - shows like this only perpetuate the myth that nothing but White sells - that White alone is the most beautiful in the world and the rest of us just aspire to be like White because you're so damn beautiful and we supposedly aren't, and that's complete B.S.

I mean c'mon - they couldn't find smoking hot people of color to be on this show?

There's none to be found? We don't exist?


I wonder if there'll be a spin-off show called "Make me a big ass shower and see how many people you can stick into it".

I bet then they'd be looking for a ton of "contestants" of color.